3 Month Prepaid Boxx

3 Month Prepaid Boxx

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Ready to commit to changing your habits and becoming more clean and eco-friendly, but not sure you are ready to commit to a year subscription?

Take the ease and worry off of your mind with our Three Month Prepaid Boxx. Enjoy 3 monthly boxxes at a discount than our regular month plan. You will receive all of the monthly, full-sized products to help you switch to a more clean, healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Free Boxx is your harmful chemical free, plastic free, cruelty free, and animal product free (vegan) lifestyle in a box. We handpick, curate and deliver new and one of a kind items for you to fall in love with. All of our products are from passionate small businesses, mom and pops and indie brands.

What's in the Boxx:

Raspberry Jam Candle

VECO Bottle Brush

Soap Block

Pot Holder

Soap Holder

VECO Natural Sponges

Dish Towel

About the Plan:

  • Ships on the 23rd of every month
  • One time charge
  • Auto renews on the 3rd month
  • 5-7 full sized items